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We can help you to get a Golden Visa by investing in Greece and benefit from the choices a permanent European residence permit offers

Our ability to understand your requirements will work to develop the best solution for you. We combine knowledge and expertise in several fields, Architects, engineers, investment consultants all experts with solid experience in real estate large-scale investments.

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General information

Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. A country you can find so many beaches, so many diverse landscapes, cultures and civilisations.

Greece, a full EU Member State, scores high on all major factors taken into consideration when choosing a new country for relocating, such as quality of life, regulated environment, secure living conditions in urban and rural areas, access to efcient services, residence privileges for family members, freedom to travel, among others. With 300+ days of sunshine per year, the climate in Greece makes living in this Mediterranean destination a year-round joy.

Residence permits in Greece

The government of Greece introduced a procedure to obtain residence permits, which can be renewed every five (5) years, for owners of real estate by third-country citizens, the value of which exceeds €250.000, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property in Greece.

A residence permit is any documentation issued by the Greek authorities, according to which a third country citizen is given the right to reside legally within Greek territory, in accordance with the provisions of the European Union (Regulation 1030/02 as applicable).

A residence permit for real estate owners is a new type of residence permit, for third country citizens who have entered the country legally on any kind of visa (type C or D) or are legal residents in the country, even if the residence permit they hold does not allow for change of residence scope.

Entry Visa

An entry Visa, that is, legal entry in the country, is necessary to obtain a residence permit for owners of real estate property. Following the issuance of a residence permit, and for its duration, there is no need for a Visa. Pursuant to Law 4251/2014, any third country citizen who has entered the country legally holding a visa of any type or is a legal resident of the country irrespective of their status or type of residence permit, has the right to apply for a residence permit.

This residence permit is permanent.. The holder of the residence permit is however required to renew it every five (5) years

The residence permit shall be renewed every five (5) years. To renew the residence permit, the following conditions must be met: The real estate property must remain in the full ownership of the applicant. The relevant leases/contracts must be ongoing. Absences from the country do not impede the renewal of the residence permit. The resale of the real estate property, during the period when the residence permit is valid, to another third country citizen provides to the new owner the right to a residence permit along with a simultaneous revocation of the seller’s residence permit.

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